N is for Newton Running Shoes

November 26, 2012

Newton Running Shoes are a popular shoes with forefoot strikers and triathletes.

Newton Running Shoes

Newton Running Shoes is a brand that specializes in running footwear. The company was founded in 2007 and is known for its unique approach to shoe design and its emphasis on promoting a natural running gait.

Characteristics of Newton Running Shoes:

  1. Action/Reaction Technology: One of the distinguishing features of Newton Running Shoes is their proprietary Action/Reaction technology. This technology involves the use of lugs or protrusions on the sole of the shoe that compress and then rebound as the foot lands and pushes off the ground. The aim is to provide a responsive and energy-efficient ride, promoting a more efficient running stride.
  2. Low Heel-to-Toe Drop: Newton Running Shoes typically have a low heel-to-toe drop, meaning there is a minimal height difference between the heel and the forefoot of the shoe. This encourages a more natural and midfoot or forefoot striking pattern, which some runners believe promotes a more efficient running form and reduces stress on the joints.
  3. Lightweight Construction: Newton Running Shoes are designed to be lightweight, allowing for a more responsive and agile running experience. The lighter weight can help reduce fatigue and enhance overall running performance.
  4. Breathable Upper Materials: The upper portion of Newton Running Shoes is often made of breathable mesh materials that promote ventilation, helping to keep the feet cool and comfortable during runs.
  5. Forefoot Cushioning: Newton Running Shoes typically provide ample cushioning in the forefoot area. This cushioning is intended to help absorb impact forces and provide a comfortable and protective ride.
  6. Natural Running Focus: Newton Running Shoes are marketed with an emphasis on promoting natural running mechanics and form. The brand encourages runners to develop a midfoot or forefoot striking pattern and advocates for proper running technique and posture.

The suitability of Newton Running Shoes, like any other running shoe, can vary depending on an individual’s foot type, biomechanics, running style, and personal preferences. It’s recommended to try on different models and consult with a running specialist or footwear expert to determine if Newton Running Shoes are a good fit for your specific needs and running goals.


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