C is for Crocs

December 10, 2012

Crocs are a wildly popular form of footwear that come in so many different types, styles and colors. The also make a toning shoes with therapeutic claims.


Opinions on footwear, including Crocs, can vary greatly among individuals. While some people appreciate and enjoy wearing Crocs, others may have negative views or preferences for different reasons.

Common reasons why some people may not like Crocs footwear:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: One of the primary reasons people cite for not liking Crocs is their unconventional and distinctive design. The clog-style shoes with ventilation holes and chunky appearance may not align with everyone’s personal taste or fashion preferences.
  2. Lack of Style Versatility: Crocs are often associated with casual and leisurewear rather than formal or fashionable attire. Some individuals may feel that Crocs are too casual or lack the versatility to be worn in more formal or professional settings.
  3. Perception of Comfort: While Crocs are known for their cushioning and comfort, some people may find them uncomfortable due to factors like fit, arch support, or foot stability. Comfort is subjective, and different individuals may have varying experiences with the shoe’s feel and support.
  4. Durability and Longevity: Some individuals have expressed concerns about the durability and longevity of Crocs. Depending on the model and usage, some people feel that the shoes may not last as long or hold up well over time, particularly with heavy use or in certain environments.
  5. Negative Stereotypes: Crocs have faced some negative stereotypes and criticisms over the years. They have been labeled as “ugly” or “unfashionable” by certain segments of society, which can influence people’s opinions and preferences.
  6. Sizing and Fit: Like any footwear brand, the fit and sizing of Crocs may not suit everyone’s feet. Some individuals may find them too loose, too tight, or lacking proper support for their specific foot shape or needs.


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