A is For APodC

November 11, 2012

APodC is the Australian Podiatry Council, that was the peak body in Australia for Podiatry. Is has now been replaced via a restructure to the Australian Podiatry Association.

In Australia, the peak professional body for podiatrists is the Australian Podiatry Association (APA). The APA represents and supports podiatrists across the country and promotes the profession of podiatry. It provides resources, continuing education opportunities, advocacy, and professional development for its members.

The APA works to ensure high standards of podiatric practice, promotes the importance of foot health, and advocates for the role of podiatrists in the healthcare system. It also collaborates with other healthcare organizations and government bodies to advance podiatry and improve foot health outcomes in Australia.

If there has been a recent change in the organization’s name or the existence of a different organization, I recommend conducting an updated search or reaching out to relevant Australian podiatry associations or regulatory bodies for the most accurate and current information.


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