T is for True to Size

April 30, 2022

True to size is a terms used in the footwear industry to indicate if a particular shoe runs ‘true to size’ and is sized based on industry standards. Some brands or models run smaller or larger than true to size.

When a shoe is described as “true to size,” it means that the shoe’s sizing is consistent with standard measurements. In other words, if you typically wear a certain size in most shoe brands or models, choosing the same size in a shoe labeled as “true to size” should provide a comfortable fit.

However, it’s important to note that individual feet can vary, and different shoe styles or brands may have slight variations in sizing. Some people may have wider or narrower feet, higher or lower arches, or other foot characteristics that can affect how a shoe fits. Therefore, while “true to size” generally suggests that the shoe should fit as expected based on your regular shoe size, it’s always a good idea to try shoes on and consider factors like the shoe’s design, shape, and materials before making a final determination.

To ensure the best fit when purchasing shoes, it’s often recommended to try them on in person, if possible, and walk around to assess comfort and fit. Additionally, reviewing size charts or customer reviews for specific shoe brands or models can provide helpful insights into whether the shoes tend to run true to size or may require sizing up or down.


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